M.N.S.S.L. follows all FIFA rules with some notable exceptions:

Discipline exceptions:

Automatic suspensions are the minimal prescribed penalty and cannot be appealed. The League will issue extraordinary penalty for situations where it is deemed warranted. Extraordinary penalties may be appealed.

 Any person who enters a field of play to engage a referee or to join in an altercation is subject to a three game suspension. This is a league mandated minimum suspension and therefore not subject to appeal. It also should be recognized that this penalty will be in addition to any other discipline that may result from the event(s) of that match.

*The League executives reserve the right to suspend, expel, require special bond of, and or fine any player and or team for continuous or excessive infringements of the rules and regulations of M.N.S.S.L.

Administrative rules, fines & exceptions:

Millar’s League views our fields as very valuable assets, key to the operation of the league. To protect these assets we ask that all league participants (players, managers and refs) work to ensure that we do not damage any field to the point where it may be closed for rest and repair by the parks department. 

Our policy around game time closures is as follows:

-          Both teams will pay the ref for attending the field. In the event the game is cancelled the league will reimburse the teams their fees.

-          Managers should advise the ref if they believe the field will be damaged by playing the game.

-          The ref will make the final call on closing the field.     

-          If both managers agree the field may be damaged and the ref has decided to play the game the managers should contact either league president (Roger or Andrew) via cell phone so we may discuss the issue with the game official.

It should be recognized that the league has the capacity to re-schedule games that are postponed due to field closures.

We will not reschedule a game unless there are extenuating circumstances AND the league is provided with at least 1 week (7 days) prior notification.  The only exception to this may be in the event of a funeral or other incident that does not allow this period of notification to be provided.

Referees may direct teams at the conclusion of the game to ‘walk the pitch’ and repair any obvious divots or damage that can be repaired at the time.

Forfeits – The league policy on forfeits is as follows:

-          Any team that cannot field 8 players by 10 minutes after the scheduled start time is deemed to have forfeited the match. 

-          Teams are to pay the ref for attending the field.  (if the forfeiting team does not attend then the winning team should pay the full ref fee and they will be reimbursed by the league.)

-          Teams that forfeit are subject to a $100 fine and must pay the full refs fees.  A second forfeit is a $200 fine and full ref fees.  Upon a third forfeit the team will be dismissed from the league.


Player Registration:

League fees & costs:

Note: All cheques are payable to "M.N.S.S.L."

League Executives:

Andrew Windross

Email: awindross@millarsleague.com
Phone: 778-886-3341 (no calls after 9:00pm please!)

Roger Bassam

Email: roger@millarsleague.com
Phone: (Hm) 604 985-7569 (Cell) 604 760-1160 (no calls after 9:00pm please!)